We liked having extra taillights on our Momentum 397TH, so we knew we wanted to upgrade our 410TH, too! As it happens, I came across a thread on Facebook where someone (Mater Tomater) used two truck light bars for this. It looked awesome, so I decided to make it work on ours!


The first step in all of this was to take DC voltage readings on each of the existing taillight wires while running each mode from the truck (running, turn, brake, reverse). This was the result of those readings, along with the wire colors on the back of the taillight:

Once I had that, I temporarily wired in the light bar to see if it was going to function properly without any additional adapters. Well, apparently, I do! It seems 2015+ Ford trucks (there may be other brands also) with the tow package usually require this. So, I ordered the part and waited…


Once I got the adapter in, I used my temporary wiring (still connected) to test again, and it worked in an awesome fashion!

As I mention in the video, how you splice in the light bar to your RV will vary a LOT. So, I can't go into those details here (see the video for some ideas). But I can share the end-to-end (not the middle) wiring functions and wire colors for the light bar and how those map to the tail light wires:

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UPDATE! The Tow Package Module for LED Tailgate Light Bars is no longer being stocked. The same product from the Tail Light manufacturer has also been discontinued. We've not been able to find a suitable replacement, unfortunately. If you find one, PLEASE email us and let us know the details.

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