Over the past few months, Tara has been noticing very bad smells on travel days! But, we'd eventually get to our destination, set up the RV and the smell would go away.

We thought that maybe the black tank just needed a really good flush, but that didn't help and the problem seemed to be getting worse! 💩 It turns out what was happening is that the RV movement was causing water to splash out of the P-Trap under the sink, allowing the tank gas out of the sink!

Happy Campers EXTREME Holding Tank Cleaner

About a year ago, the folks at Happy Campers noticed we'd been using and promoting their Holding Tank Treatment (for smells), and sent us a thank you package. That package had more treatment, but also had a can of the cleaner for us to try. We'd been hanging on to that with the intention of trying it out. NOW was the time!

We recently had a double travel day and the smell was even to the point where I (chad) was even able to smell it. I have a horrible sense of smell that I attribute to many years on an aircraft carrier flight deck, breathing jet exhaust all night (I worked the 7P-7A shift). So, we decided it was a good time to test out the cleaner on the second travel day (on the kitchen grey tank).

I followed the directions and, voila! The smell was COMPLETELY GONE! 😀

The Rest of the Tanks

We knew this was something we wanted to share ASAP! But, we wanted to also try it on our other tanks as we filmed this video. Turns out those test cleanings were not as dramatic. Likely because we tried it while stationary. The agitation inherent to a travel day is the way to do this for sure!

We plan on testing this again in the future on a travel day to see if we can get our tank sensors to work. Those results will be right here when we do!

Products 🛒

NOTE: The Extreme Cleaner product seems to be out of stock in a lot of places. You can try to contact them HERE to ask when it will be back in stock. It seems they sell on Amazon.

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