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The quality of RV Park and Campground water can vary greatly! While a majority have fairly clean water, many do not. We've had some locations with visible rust in the water! The single-canister filter that came with our RV has served us well, but we wanted something better.


There is no shortage of water filters out there! But, Clearsource is the only one with a 3rd stage virus guard filter that goes way below the 0.2-micron range of most filter systems!

Because we like to show the efficacy of the products we promote, we've sat on this review for almost a year. In fact, due to installation issues (see below), we've had this filter for about a year and a half!

However, now that we've had it in and have changed VERY dirty filters, we can say for sure that it's working! Additionally, Clearsource now has a video showing the virus guard in use and it's awesome! (see video)


If you purchase the “On The Go” external system, there's nothing to install. Just hook it up in line with your water hose and you're golden.

Installing the internal system can range from simple to complex, depending on your situation. For us, it was a bit of a challenge. But, the plumbing can be done with simple PEX lines and clamps. See the video for our install details.


Clearsource has created the discount code CHANGINGLANES, good for $25 off any purchase of $250 or more! Simply use this LINK, and use our discount code at checkout.

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