With almost four years of full-time RV travel under our belt, we've identified some spare parts we like to keep on hand. Luckily, none of these things are too large or heavy!


Fuses are first and foremost. Don't let a 10 cent fuse ruin your trip! Keep an assortment of standard blade fuses on hand as well as any specialty fuses for your specific RV! Here's what we carry:


It might seem obvious to have the standard assortment of AA, AAA, etc on hand, but what about the coin-style batteries for your TMPS sensors, propane sensors, etc? We also keep an extra battery for our Ring security devices.


After having our Suburban furnace break twice, we keep these common parts on hand:

AC Filters

We prefer a little bit better filter than the one that came with our RV AC. The stock filters are there just for larger particles and do not help with allergens and smoke (from wildfires), so we use these MERV6 rated filters. Unfortunately, they are not reusable but they do a much better job than the stock and don't restrict airflow.


With the earthquakes these things encounter on every travel day, plumbing issues in an RV are simply a matter of time. Based on what we've seen break, these are our spare parts:

Sewer, black, and grey tank related items:


If your breakaway switch is broken or missing a part, it's dangerous and completely illegal to tow. We keep a full setup on hand just in case. We also carry a spare lube plate as you never know when they are going to get too loose and start falling off the pin.


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