Projects and Repairs are a never-ending cycle in RV Life! It's a fact! Look it up! 😉

Maxxair Fanmate Covers

If you like the outside air and like to use your RV's ceiling fans/vents a lot, you likely don't want to close them for rain. A cover will allow just that, and if you have a Maxxair fan, the upgrade is amazingly simple.

The Maxxair Fanmate cover install takes about 5 minutes and consists of only four pins. Pin it down, and you're done!

Breakaway Cable (Coiled Replacement)

Most RVs come with a simple, long braided metal cable connected to the breakaway system. I'm not a big fan of this cable. It's a nuisance to stow, and its length increases the chances of it getting snagged on something while towing.

I've replaced the stock cable on both of the RVs we've owned with a coiled cable. This coiled cable stays out of the way while towing and is easy to stow.

While you can order just the pin and cable, we chose to buy the kit that includes the switch so we can keep the extra switch as a spare.

Happijac Safety Pins

Our new RV's Happijac system didn't come with the same safety pins as our last RV. Perhaps the new system isn't susceptible to the branches falling during travel, but why take a chance?

Adding the pins is a simple matter of drilling holes just large enough for the pin, but tight enough to engage the ball bearing at the end.

RV Bed Lift Struts

If you've upgraded your RV mattress, it's likely a lot heavier than the paper-thin piece of crap that came with your RV. That, in turn, likely made your bed lift struts powerless to assist when opening the under-bed storage.

Replacing these struts is very simple! Just pop the old ones off and pop the new ones on!

The Leaks!

Over the course of almost a year, we've been battling pesky leaks in our basement! First, it was our furnace, then our wet bay. But we still have a mystery leak! After watching the video, leave a comment on YouTube or contact us here if you have any ideas!

UPDATE!: We've discovered the source of our intermittent leak! When the water system is cold, and we turn on the water heater, something about that extra back pressure (from heated water) causes the water pump to leak just a little bit, which is enough to trigger our Ring water detectors. We will likely replace our pump in the future.

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