After leaving Nashville, we head to Ohio to visit with family. But, on the way, we stop off for an overnight at a new Harvest Host, Jericho Farmhouse. Our stay there was super peaceful, and we thoroughly enjoyed some indulgent foods from the shop!

On that trip, we noticed something amiss with our trailer brakes, but we'll have a separate video on that issue in a couple of weeks. It's another strange one!


Heading to the Cabin from Ohio is where the drama starts! The road up to our cabin is about 1000 ft of gravel and has one particular spot where the grade increases on an almost 90-degree turn. This is always a bit nerve-wracking, but now that we've done it a few times, we're not quite as stressed.

But that changed this time as our tires started slipping on that section! We hadn't realized it, but the alternating knobs on our Continental HD3 Hybrids (that came with the truck) were a bit worn down. We still had good tread for normal roads, but they were not more street tires and less “hybrid.” That, combined with a gravel road that needed grading, meant there was not enough traction! So, we were STUCK about 500 feet from our cabin!

Several tries later, we were able to get a tow company to come out, get around us, and help us up the hill. All we needed was just a little bit more traction than our tires would give us, and we got up with no problems!

Since that incident, we've changed out our Conti's for Michellin XDS2, and we can feel much better traction on our road. Additionally, we purchased some grading equipment and are taking care of that section of the road ourselves.

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