Techno RV Switches to Garmin GPS Units

You might have noticed that our links to our Rand McNally GPS are now going to a Garmin unit. While we have had great success with our Rand McNally and still use it exclusively, there have apparently been some customer support issues with Rand McNally. With TechnoRV being so customer service focused, they decided to switch to Garmin. We've included the full announcement from TechnoRV below.

Our Position

We still love our Rand McNally OverDryve 7 and use it on every travel day! We've had no issues with it, will continue to have it in our Amazon store, and will continue to use it. That said, we also trust Eric and Tammy at TechnoRV in their decision to recommend the Garmin brand.

To be honest, they are both likely very good products. The important thing is to have a GPS that routes based on your RV's specifications. Good, reliable routing is the key and the rest is icing on the cake.

TechnoRV's Announcement

In the past 5 years, we have added many new great brands to TechnoRV, yet we have made only two brand changes to a product line. Brand change is not something that we do often, but we do see it as our responsibility to offer the best products and customer service that are available on the market. We do not take these changes lightly and a lot of time and research goes into even considering a change in a brand. As you know, technology is changing all the time, and so it makes sense that some companies are making better decisions than other companies to lead the pack. If we see one of our products slipping a bit, then we do not just automatically jump ship. These processes are very involved and include meetings with the company brand, and requests that we feel we need from the company and product. We also take into consideration input from our customers. The GPS brands Rand McNally and Garmin are like Ford vs Chevy – they are both great, but everyone has a side they take. Since we see the inside workings of these companies, we also have a future peek at what brands have as far as advancements. For example, when we changed from Progressive to Surge Guard Electric Protection Systems we knew that Surge Guard was going to be rolling out their lifetime warranty and load side electrical protection, but we were not allowed to give that information at the time. Some people thought we were crazy, but we knew that Surge Guard was ahead of the technology curve because we took the time to visit their facility and see what they had going on.

Part of our process to improve has been customer surveys. Over the past several months we have done many surveys asking different questions regarding GPS units. Our most recent survey you may have received, and we appreciate your feedback. There have been some points taken from the surveys that clarify some of our concerns, specifically regarding Rand McNally customer service. Our entire business model is based on giving great customer service, and therefore we expect that same great service from our suppliers. If we cannot work with our brands to accomplish what we expect from a customer service standpoint, then it is very difficult for us to get past that. We want everyone that buys from us to have a great customer experience whether it is through us or through one of our brands directly.

I am not going to get into great detail here, but the bottom line is that I know that we have done our due diligence, and this change will be better overall for our customers.

So, where does this leave us with Rand McNally? Well, we have not closed our account with them, and while we are not currently selling their GPS units on our site, we are certainly still supporting every sale we have ever made and will continue to do so. Rand McNally is still alive and well, and many other companies are still selling their brand. I know that most of our customers that have purchased Rand McNally from us have had great experiences and will continue to love their Rand GPS units. We loved ours for the past 5 years as well. If you have previously purchased a Rand McNally GPS unit from us, then know that you not only have a great unit, but you also have our support, as always, should you have questions or need help with your unit. I have also secured a commitment from Rand McNally to continue to help our customers, and I have the direct number to one of the top customer service managers to directly help our customers when needed, so don't worry! We may not be selling Rand McNally right now, but we are still going to be supporting our Rand McNally customers in order to be sure they are successful with their units!

We are really excited to announce that TechnoRV has been approved to be an authorized dealer of Garmin products! We actually have them on our site right now, and we will begin shipping them on Monday, October 28th, along with our exclusive Garmin Learning Series. In our November newsletter, we will be highlighting what makes them great and the features that make them unique, so you don't want to miss that.. We can’t wait to show you what we have learned! We now have the newest Garmin GPS units, a top of the line Garmin dash camera, and finally, a back up camera that works with the GPS units – many of you have been waiting for something like this!, We also have some Garmin accessories that work with the new GPS units. This is one of the quickest turn arounds on a product change we have ever made, and Tami and I have been working non-stop to make informational and Learning Series videos on how to operate the new Garmin units. We are very excited about our new relationship with Garmin and believe that Garmin is going to be the leader in GPS technology now and in the future.

Eric @ TechnoRV

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