Do you want to get the MOST from your RV AC and decrease the noise? One or both of these RV AC Upgrades may be for you! Do they work well together? Does either product overlap the other in functionality?

We put them both to the test, and the results were fantastic!

RV AC Silencer

RV AC Units can definitely be noisy, and the units in our 410 are no exception! While we have the same AC systems in our new RV that we had in the old one, our new one has the central AC about 15 feet closer to our bedroom! Additionally, the AC controller in the LCI OneControl only uses the fan on HIGH! So, we were keen to try to improve that noise situation!

Testing in both the Central AC and the Garage/Office AC, the Silencer did its job very well! We saw a noise drop of around 7dB in both locations. According to the internet, 7dB should be less than half, but my ears said it was more than half! Obviously, that's very subjective, but we were VERY impressed! So much so we bought one for each AC!

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RV AirFlow

We were already sold on the RV AirFlow after our testing two years ago showed 45% better airflow from our AC systems! So, we knew we'd be installing them in the new RV.

This time around, we only tested the AC system in the Garage/Office and only in those four vents. We weren't as concerned with testing the efficacy overall as we'd already done that. Instead, we wanted to see how well these two upgrades worked together and if there was any overlap or interference.

RV AirFlow Tests

As you can see from the results (above), the RV Airflow did its job nicely! It's not the huge 45% result we got two years ago, but we were also testing differently, primarily to gauge interaction with the RV AC Silencer.

Playing Nice Together?

The bottom line is each product does exactly what it proclaims! While there was some airflow loss from the Silencer, the RV AirFlow overcame that loss and then some!

We now have both products on all three AC units, which are working very well!

We recommend using both of these for the best performance improvements in flow and noise. But, of course, you can mix and match to get each improvement where you need it most!

Note: The RV Airflow does proclaim to reduce noise by around 3dB. However, we did not test this separately – only with the Silencer already installed. With the Silencer installed, there was no noise improvement from the RV Airflow, but there may have been if we tested the noise by itself.

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