If you saw our last video revealing the Momentum 410THR prototype, you likely guessed that we will be buying one for ourselves. Yes, we are buying one, not getting one for free. 😎 With that in mind, it's time to get to the bottom of the repair list and knock them out to prepare it for sale.

Broken Window Slide

Several months back, the mechanism to raise, lock and lower the slide-up window in our main slide separated from the glass. I tried to make the repair more complicated than it was by removing the frame, but that wasn't necessary.

I simply cleaned it up and used some Gorilla Max Strength Clear Construction Adhesive to glue them back together. Nice and solid now! 👍🏼

Theater Seats Wiring

About a year into full-time RVing, our theater seat massage, heater, and lights stopped working. We never used those features, so that repair went to the bottom of the list and stayed there till now!

I determined the heating elements were burned out, and that's okay. I got power reconnected, so the massage and lights work now.

Garage Angle Deck Sagging

We leave our rear patio down pretty much 24/7. With the new Lippert Weatherproof Ramp Door, we no longer have to worry about the ramp/patio. However, the small section of the garage floor that angles to the ramp has sealant that needs to be maintained, and we didn't do very well with that. As a result, a small section of that floor got wet and a bit mushy.

After a failed attempt to pull and replace the whole door, which was overkill anyway, I added more support underneath the wood between it and the frame. As usual, the RV had some curve balls to throw me in the form of nails in the underbelly instead of screws. Those had to be cut off to access under that floor.

Trim Falling Down

My last and easiest repair was to nail up some trim that had fallen. This was super simple, and I got to use my new DeWalt Cordless Brad Nailer. 😀

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