We have a TON of work to do on our new 410THR to get all of the little things added that we've become used to over the years. These are the first seven, with many more to come!

RV SnapPads

We put RV SnapPads on our 397TH a few weeks after we picked it up, and it's no different with this RV. We love how they increase the RVs footprint by 61% and add a hard rubber that is much more slip resistant than the straight metal of the stock feet! See below for links to our model and the overall SnapPad store.

Lippert Thin Shade

Our 397 came with an opaque window on the main entry door that we replaced with a Lippert Thin Shade (full kit) when those came to the market. Our 410 came with a Thin Shade Ready installed and a clear window. That is to say; it had no privacy at all! So, we purchased the shade part and installed it very easily. While it was nice not to have to swap out the entire window to get the Thin Shade, it would be nice if they included the whole shade from the factory.

Valterra Adjustable EZ Hose Carrier

This is another item we would not travel without! We like to carry 40 ft of hose in 4 sections, and it takes two of these carriers to accommodate that. Since our RV came with one carrier already, all we had to do is add one.

I will note that I'm not crazy about the “doors” at the ends of this new version. Our old one had swinging doors just like the one that comes on the RV. However, the new version has a quarter-turn twist-off cap that's quite annoying. We can replace one end, so we'll definitely be doing that in the future!

Valterra (Permanent Mount) RV Waste Dump Gate Valve

NOTE!!!! I apparently used the wrong glue for the sewer connections which are ABS and not PVC. That said, the primer/solvent didn't seem to hurt anything (not needed on ABS), and the PVC glue worked fine. Obviously not the right glue for the job, but checking the connection a week later, it is still solid. I guess time will tell if it will be a problem. But use ABS glue if you do this project.

When you get to a destination in the RV and start to set up the sewer connections, the cap obviously has to come off to hook up the sewer hose. The trouble is, while you were traveling, the water left in the plumbing after your last dump, along with anything that leaked past the gate valve is right behind that cap! So, when you take it off, all kinds of disgusting water comes out! THIS is the argument for a gate valve right behind the cap, and that's what Valterra makes for just this purpose.

Last time, we got the easy install model that twists on with the bayonet connection. The trouble with these is, you need to hold the gate when taking off the cap, so the whole gate doesn't twist off. So, this time, we installed the permanent glued-on model. While the installation does take quite a bit longer, we no longer have to worry about it twisting off!

Mopeka Tank Pro Sensors

We've done a ton of reviewing of these sensors and even have a dedicated video. So, I won't delve into them too much here. However, they did not install as easily this time as on our previous tanks.

Our new tanks are much more rounded on the bottom, causing a problem with them sitting level and connecting with both magnets. To remedy this, we used an adhesive collar designed to hold the sensors on aluminum (non-magnetic) tanks. This worked like a champ!

RUGUP Outside Step Covers

We discovered these about 2 years ago, put them on our main steps, and loved them! Daisy loves them even more! Just measure your steps, order the appropriate size for each step separately and install them in about 20 minutes.

Mattress Insider

RV stock mattresses suck, and everyone knows it! If you stay more than a weekend in the RV, you will want a better mattress. We decided to try Mattress Insider's 8″ Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress w/Organic Cotton (our king is 72″ x 80″) and we LOVE IT!!! We've slept on it every night for 5 years, and it's still as awesome as the day we got it! They have every imaginable RV size and can make custom sizes.

We liked it so much we got the 5.5″ queen for the guest bed.

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