How to Shop For and Compare Different Makes and Model RVs | The Spreadsheets!

We've mentioned in a couple of videos how I used spreadsheets to compare various models of RVs, and several of you have asked for them.  Well, here they finally are.  Dug from the archives of way way back in September of 2017!  Let me warn you…  I did not clean these up.  These are as they were when I stopped using them.  Thus, some models have been removed because, near the end of the search, I would completely delete eliminated models.

The sheets in this attached workbook are pretty straight forward, but here's what I did:

Down the left side are common specs and features, grouped by commonalities.  Across the top are the Manufacturer, Model and Trim.  So, just fill in the blanks in the spreadsheet and highlight any areas of interest with a color coding of your choosing.  Red for negative items, green for positive, etc.

You can do a lot of this research online before you even start to look.  As you start to look, you might find some features you didn't know about.  Like when we discovered a lot of rigs had zero internal mobility with the slides in…  Or when we saw our fist rig with a washer and dryer.

While we were comparing lots of models, I would move eliminated models to the right generisk cialis pris.  As the search got closer, I removed the eliminated models altogether.  You will notice there's still a sheet for Class A Rigs.  There are also sheets with floorplans and miscellaneous notes.  Of no real value, but I left them in anyway.

As always, if there are any questions, feel free to reach to us via the contact form.

Good hunting!

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