We've had many requests for a video on the tools we carry for full time RV living, so here it is!

The variety and quantity of tools one will need on the road full time will vary greatly based on a number of factors. The type of projects you will handle yourself is the primary factor.

If you're full time RV living like us, bring everything you can. Particularly if you have no home base like us. If you're part time, just bring the basics (socket set, screwdrivers, etc). You can complete the big projects when you're at your home base with access to all of your tools.

But, even part-timers and weekenders should have some essentials on hand.

Essential Tools (for EVERY RVer)!

✅ ViAir Compressor! (changinglanesrv.com…) – An absolute must, to maintain your tires!
✅ Craftsman Mechanics Tool Set, SAE / Metric, 135-Piece (amzn.to/2z4r5NS…)
✅ Gorilla Duct Tape (amzn.to/2z8K5ec…) – A million uses!
✅ Rechargeable Headlamp (amzn.to/2WAXLqr…) – Hands-free lighting!
✅ Kobalt 6x-Speed Double Drive Screwdriver Set (amzn.to/3b3f0FQ…) – Wicked cool ratcheting screwdriver!
✅ Kobalt Folding Lockback Utility Knife (amzn.to/35qLSqZ…) – You WILL need to cut stuff!
✅ WD40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray (amzn.to/2z3cp1m…) – Hitch, etc.
✅ BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection and Waterproof Lubrication (amzn.to/2z6Yase…) – Great stuff!

Essential for Full Time (Likely Will Need)

✅ DeWALT 20V 0.25″ 3-Speed Impact Driver : amzn.to/2z1JHhx…
✅ DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2-Inch: amzn.to/34OqM7t…
✅ Craftsman Driver Bit Set: amzn.to/3gVp2Mo…
✅ Craftsman Impact Bit Set: amzn.to/3dgbbyJ…
✅ Craftsman Drill Bits: amzn.to/2KSg059…
✅ Luisladders 16.5 Feet A-Frame Telescopic Ladder: amzn.to/3iWtaPs…
✅ Alpha Systems 1021 Self-Leveling RV Sealant (amzn.to/3c34M9G…) – Check with your RV Manufacturer to get the right kind.
✅ TEKTON 3/4 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (50-300 ft.-lb.) – amzn.to/2KXlwU8…
✅ AirTec Lube Shuttle No Mess Grease Gun Kit (amzn.to/2SymhHc…)
✅ Klein Tools MM700 Multimeter (amzn.to/3b07lbo…) – All kinds of RV Uses!

Good-To-Have Tools

✅ Portable Work Bench (amzn.to/2zVsQ0f…)
✅ Gaffer Tape (amzn.to/35twjyU…) – Less sticky for temporary taping tasks.
✅ Estwing Sure Split Wedge (amzn.to/2W04Z8f…) – For splitting wood.
✅ Estwing Sure Strike 3-Pound Sledge Hammer (amzn.to/35rUBcf…) – Bam!
✅ Orange Screw: The Ultimate Ground Anchor (amzn.to/3c33goi…) – Great in soft ground
✅ Heavy Duty Tent Stakes (amzn.to/2yoCV5d…) – Great in hard ground.
✅ Black Bungee Cords (amzn.to/2YrNMpE…) – we use these to tie down our awning shade.
✅ Milwaukee Step Drill Bit Kit for metal (amzn.to/2KYav50…) – For drilling into frame etc.
✅ Hex Key Wrench Set (amzn.to/2xuMJKJ…)
✅ 600-Lumen Led Rechargeable Work Lamp (amzn.to/3fhnkoD…)
✅ Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears (amzn.to/3b5Lu2s…) – For those pesky branches!
✅ Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer (amzn.to/2WAY4l5…) – For the griddle, bearings, etc.
✅ Plastic Telescoping Inspection Mirror (amzn.to/2ydRjxq…) – Great for inspecting suspension.
✅ Waterless RV Wash Wax Mop Kit (Wash-Wax-All) (amzn.to/3d9bs6o…) – Rv Dry Wash
✅ Bernzomatic Multi-Purpose Trigger-Start Torch (amzn.to/2VYyPKh…) – Burn stuff with style!
✅ Mini D Handle Shovel (amzn.to/2SwbBJs…) – For when you run over that mailbox!
✅ EZ Out Screw Extractor Kit (amzn.to/2WnvTWr…) – Remove stripped screw heads.
✅ Universal Lug Wrench, 4-Way Cross Wrench (amzn.to/2YB5Hu2…)
✅ 1/2 Inch Drive Premium Breaker Bar (amzn.to/2WqyMGd…)
✅ Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit (amzn.to/2WnTV3K…)
✅ Dremel 3000 (amzn.to/3dfotLV…) – Such an awesome multi-purpose tool!
✅ PEX Cinch Clamp/Ear Hose Clamps Tool (amzn.to/35tByyA…) – Plumbing repairs and mods.
✅ Milwaukee 48-22-4200 Pex/Tubing Cutter (amzn.to/3b07b3M…)

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