One of the best features of a toy hauler is the versatility of the garage! Since it's essentially just a box, one can come up with all kinds of ways to utilize this space: Bedroom, Bunk Room, Office, Nursery, Craft Room, and even Living Room! It's entirely up to you!

Office Mode

For us, Office Mode is how we use ours 99% of the time. Once we transformed our Happijac benches into desks (…), the space really came together in a very usable way.

Once we remove the motorcycle, roll out the carpet, arrange our office chairs and file cabinet, and lower the desks, it's a complete home office with two full desks! We couldn't ask for a better mobile office setup! (see below for a tour of our office gear)

Garage Mode

Transformation into garage mode is also key for us. Taking Lucile (our 2017 Indian Roadmaster) on our full time adventure was NOT optional! So, being able to re-use the office space as a garage when traveling is key!

Stow the loose items, run up the desks, roll up the carpet, secure the chairs and file cabinet, and lay down the Wheeldock, and we're ready to load the motorcycle!

Our Wheeldock just sits on the floor and we use ratchet straps on the front forks and rear highway bars. Very simple and very effective. We've run this way for almost 30,000 miles now with no issues (literally knocking on wood right now).

Guest Suite Mode

From Office Mode to Guest Suite mode is really just a matter of lowering the bed and putting out a ladder for it. However, with our desk modifications, we also need to remove our monitors and lay a few things on their side so they don't get crushed.

Once the desks are prepped, we lower the bed just like any Happijac system: raise the desks (formerly benches) to engage the bed, pull four pins, and lower. Lean the ladder against it, make the bed, and voila! Guest Suite with queen memory foam mattress!

We can even still use the desks in a cave-like office mode with the bed down!

Guest Suite Modifications

One of the complications that arises from our desk modifications, is that the stuff on the desk (monitors, monitor stands, etc) interferes with the ability of the bench mounts to engage and lower the bed. The monitors can be easily removed, but the mounting post of our monitor arms were still sitting too high since there were designed to be able to hold two monitor arms plus a cable guide.

This was easy enough to remedy with the Dremel tool. I simply marked the top of the single-arm and cut the rest off.

Office Gear

When we first started out, we didn't realize how much our channel would take off and how important it would be for both of us to have desks. Tara used to edit on her laptop, sitting in the living room recliners, and I had a very small desk in the garage. Since then, we've only gotten busier. MUCH busier.

One of the best productivity purchases you can make for a home office is a good monitor. More screen real-estate means higher resolutions, which translates to more workspace. In most cases, the more information you can fit on your screen at once, the more productive you can be. This is even more true with editing! The more monitor space the better. Note: A big monitor is not always a better monitor. It needs to handle higher resolutions also.

For the first 3 years, we've had 34″ curved displays and those have been great! I've had mine (chad) for 5 years and it finally bit the dust during the last desk mod. The 34″ is no longer sold, so we got the 38″. WOW! Now Tara needs one! 😀

Other gear we use: We both use MacBook Pros of varying power, but we are an all apple family (iPhone, Apple Watches, Apple TVs iPads, etc.). We love the Apple ecosystem. Also, no computer equipment should be powered without a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). A UPS makes sure you have perfectly clean power for sensitive electronic equipment. We have three UPS systems: One for each desk/computer, and one for the network equipment in our tech cabinet.

For desk lighting, we've tried several solutions that would mount above our desks (to the bottom of the bed), but nothing worked. We finally settled on desk mounted lights that are very flexible in position, brightness, and color. These fold down very nicely for travel day!

To see a really cool garage master bedroom renovation, check out this video from our friends at Where Wild Ones Roam:… 👍🏼

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