Did you buy an extended warranty on your RV?

We chose to not buy an extended warranty. We knew we’d almost never be near our “home” dealer, so a warranty from our dealer (LazyDays) was out right away. When researching other warranties, it was a mixed bag of reviews. Mostly negative. However, KYD (Keep Your Daydream) recommends Wholesale Warranties (wholesalewarranties.com/rv-warranty/). While we have no experience with them, we do trust Marc and Trish on their assessment. Warranties sold by RV dealers are almost always WAY over-priced.

For us, we knew going into this that we wanted to learn everything we could about our home and fix everything possible ourselves. That was one major reason for choosing GDRV: they will work directly with us on warranty work, and send parts directly.

But, that's us. If you're not into DIY repairs, a warranty might be a great idea. If possible, be sure to get one that allows mobile techs even if you have to pay the service fee.

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