Do you ever get condensation inside your RV? Do you use a dehumidifier?

The short answer to both is no. In our years on the road, we've been in all kinds of different climates and have never had condensation inside. While we attribute this to our dual pane windows, there's no way to be certain. But, we do know any future RV of ours will also have dual pane windows for sure!

UPDATE (May 2021)! We recently ran into viewers of ours in an RV park and somehow got on the topic of dual pane windows. They had an interesting situation where one of their windows needed to be replaced and it was erroneously replaced with a single pane window. Shortly thereafter, they saw they were getting condensation on the inside of that window. This picture clearly shows the difference dual pane windows can make in an RV!

Thank you to Brooke and Jeff (@behappedesigns) for allowing us to use their photo!

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