Do you have a backup camera on your RV?

Yes! However, we rarely use it for backing up. We use it primarily while driving to make sure we have enough clearance behind us when changing lanes and such. That said, be sure any camera you buy is not limited to just backing up. Furrion used to have an “observation” model (good while driving), and a “backup” one (just for backing). However, it seems they are all observation models now.

We have an older version of this specific one.

These newer models now have versions with side cameras also, but we've not tried those.

Installation note!: Many new RVs come with the mount for the Furrion camera pre-installed. However, many (like ours), have that wired to an always hot 12v connection. This means it's powered 24/7 and can drain your batteries when boondocking, or in storage. We chose to re-wire it to our running lights. This way the camera is only powered when the truck is connected and our lights are on. So, it also serves as a reminder to turn our lights on when towing.

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