Do you need a special license or CDL to pull that large of an RV?

Short answer: It depends on the state.

There's a lot of confusion on this topic. Yes, some states have Class A CDL or some type of non-commercial endorsement requirements for RV's over certain weights. However, Florida (our home state), as well as about half of the other states, do not. In Florida, drivers of recreational vehicles are exempt from the requirement to obtain a commercial driver's license. section 322.53(2) (d), Florida Statutes. (
Since every state honors the driving and license requirements of every other state, we are perfectly legal to drive in all 50 states under our standard Florida license.

In regards to Federal CDL Requirements, see:
Question 3: Does part 383 apply to drivers of recreational vehicles?
Guidance: No, if the vehicle is used strictly for non-business purposes.

Here are a few articles that discuss the topic for each state:

All of that said, our personal opinion is that rigs as large and heavy as ours should require some type of extra certification or endorsement as well as training.

We cover some of the CDL issues here if interested:

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