Do you run airbags on your truck? What suspension upgrades have you done on the truck?

Our 1 Ton F350 Dually is not exactly a luxury ride! To help improve things (even just a little), we made 3 mods to the truck:

  1. Airbags – We had the Air LIft 7500XL ( with the AIR LIFT 72000 Wireless Air Leveling Compressor ( installed. This takes some of the force off the springs and shocks.
  2. Helper Spring Stop Removal – Once we had the airbags, we really no longer need the helper springs. But removing them or replacing the leaf springs is a pain. So, I just removed the stops for the helper springs.
  3. Sulastic Shackles ( – These put a rubber shock in between your leaf spring and frame to help dampen the forces between the springs and truck.

These three things definitely help some. But, it's still a rough ride compared to any normal vehicle.

If we were made of money, we would get a full air suspension replacement installed. Something like Keldemann.

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