Do you use an EMS or Surge Protector?

Yes! You can't see our EMS because it's hard-wired inside the RV. We currently have the Progressive Industries HW50C Hardwired EMS installed. However, we might be switching to this surge guard soon ( to review it for TechnoRV. It's newer and the remote display is a lot better.
Pedestal version: (

Beware of the basic surge protectors. They are much less expensive but don’t protect against what kills most RV air conditioners, which is low voltage. And low voltage is more common than is should be in RV parks. A good EMS will protect against Open Ground, Open Neutral, Reverse Polarity, Over/Under Voltage, Accidental 240V, and Bad A/C Frequencies.

If you want to go really deep into the topic of RV surge protection, our friends Eric and Tami at TechnoRV have put together this fantastic in-depth article.

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