Do you use (or recommend) a booster?

Like everything “mobile internet”, it depends… We do have, and have used, a WeBoost Booster and even have a video on it. The catch with boosters is they only boost a single channel which breaks the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) functionalities of most modern cellular data equipment.

Knowing that, a booster should only be used as a last resort. Running a booster all the time will, in most cases, reduce internet speeds. There are some exceptions to this. It can sometimes improve upload speed.

Since we upgraded to a roof antenna and our pepwave max transit duo, we very rarely need to deploy anything “extra”. When we do, we try our Poynting XPOL first which is a MIMO antenna that connects directly to our pepwave router (replacing the roof antenna for one of the two modems in our system).

While there may be a situation with out new setup that might benefit from the WeBoost, we have not encountered it. Our WeBoost has been stowed for almost a year now.

Our recommendation is to build and add on as needed and save the booster till you KNOW you'll be on the fringes of coverage. That way you might be able to test it and still return it if it isn't needed.

Category: Mobile Internet

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