Don’t you worry about leaving Daisy alone in heat or cold? How do you monitor the RV temperature for Daisy?

We never leave her unless we're on full hookups and can leave the AC / Heat Pump on. No different than when we lived in a house. However, RV park power being what it is (sometimes unreliable), we use MarCELL to keep an eye on Daisy's environment when we're not home.

It monitors power, temperature, and humidity. It does require service, which is $99/yr. You set thresholds (high and low) online for both temperature and humidity and define notification methods (text/email) all online. Then, when anything is amiss with anything, both Tara and I get emailed and texted immediately. You can also check the temp and humidity online. The MarCELL has been very reliable.

Additionally, since we have reliable internet, we've been testing the Govee WiFi Temperature Humidity Monitor (…). Since it uses our existing wifi, there are no extra fees. So far, it seems good, but we need to test the notifications a bit more. We will update this FAQ and maybe produce a video once we're done testing.

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