How do you manage (and protect) all of the video content for your channel?

Our video files are super important to us. Not only the videos waiting to be edited but also our past source media and project files. Sometimes we talk about a place or event long after that video is released, and it's nice to have access to that footage for B-Roll in a current video. But that's TONS of data (currently about 70TB and growing constantly), and we live on cellular data. It's definitely a challenge to make sure we always make sure we have two copies of everything in separate locations. This is the process we've come up with:

  1. After every shooting day, the contents of our SD cards are copied to our 60TB Synology NAS (48TB effective) Files are organized as:
    /YYYYMMDD-Location(or Event)/MMDD-Event/CameraName (e.g.
    20190523-MesaVerde/0525-RideToDurago/(GoPro1, GoPro2, Canon, etc.)) (1 copy but on NAS which has redundant drives)
  2. The NAS is Synced (using a script) to my laptop into a Dropbox folder. This starts the process of syncing to Dropbox automatically. (3 copies – NAS, Laptop, Dropbox)
  3. Once Dropbox has finished syncing, I mark the folder(s) as “offline only.” This free's up space on my local laptop, but files still appear to be local. (2 copies – NAS, Dropbox)
  4. Once the footage is used in a video, it is moved to an “Archive X” (X being a sequential number) folder (still on Dropbox but outside the “Active” footage folder). This move is done on my laptop (and Dropbox) and the NAS. The “Active” and “Archive X” folders are always identical. (2 copies – NAS, Dropbox)
  5. Once “Archive X” reaches just under 4TB, it is copied (from the NAS) to an external drive (WD portable hard drive). The NAS Copy is deleted, and my local (Dropbox) folder is marked to not sync. The files stay in dropbox. (2 copies – Portable HD, Dropbox). A new folder, “Archive X+1” is created for the next round.

This process ensures we have location-diverse local copies while the footage is new or recently used and cloud (Dropbox) copies of everything all the time. We also store our Final Cut project (FCPX) files for future use.

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