How long does it take to edit a video? How much work is running a youtube channel?

Editing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of running a youtube channel for sure! Editing will take more or less time depending on how particular one is about audio, color grading, timing, etc. Most professional editors will say about 1 to 1.5 hours per minute of edited video, and that's about right. For us, a 30-minute video takes about 40 hours of editing. If you don't know, Tara does all of our editing and takes great pride in the quality of our videos. She has gotten faster over the last couple of years, but it just takes a lot of time to make a good video! I've seen Tara spend a whole day just finding the right music! But, editing is only part of the equation when it comes to an overall channel.

Every video starts with a plan. That plan can take between an hour and up to several hours depending on the detail and research involved.

Follow that with several hours of filming, depending on what it is. Sometimes the filming takes place over several days for projects and such. Sometimes the video is filmed while we're out seeing a new place, going on a ride, etc. Even that takes time to set up. We run 4 cameras for every ride! Then the “talk” portion has to be filmed also.

Once everything is “in the can”, Tara starts the editing process to tell the story of what we're trying to convey. That part is a real art, and she has gotten better and better over time in my humble opinion! That process usually includes 2-3 watch-thru sessions with both of us, making tweaks, then a final watch before uploading.

After upload comes writing the blog post and description for youtube, adding all of the metadata, links and so on. Then, the video, blog post, and social media posts are written and everything is scheduled for release.

Once a video is released, we read every comment, reply where appropriate, answer emails, comments on social media, etc. That part goes on every day, but is most busy on Monday, after a video release. About 20 hours a week is spent just managing social media. More if we make posts during the week.

Those are just the things related to a video. There's a lot more involved on the business side (partnerships, etc).

Long story short, when we're not out doing “stuff”, we're working on the Channel. Always trying to do just a little bit better than last week! I (chad) work a 9-5 during the week, working on the channel on breaks, lunch, and after work till around 9 or 10 at night. Tara gets up way before I do ? , and works all day editing, resting when she needs to (for her chronic Lyme). All told, we put over 100 hours a week between the two of us into the channel and we hope to make it our primary income at some point where I can quit the 9-5 and focus on the channel. ?

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