I have concerns about giving our SSN to TSD Logistics for the Fuel Card. Have you had any security issues with them? Why do they need my SSN?

This question stems from our Save Big on RV Diesel in the Truck Lanes.

From the TSD FAQ Here: Why do you need my Social Security Number? Answer: We do not do a credit check. We ask for your social security number in the event that we cannot collect a payment, we need this number to file a claim.

Since the card is not a credit card, TSD has no recourse if you decide to not pay. Having your SSN gives them a way to at least put a negative mark on your credit file if you default on the balance.

We have personally referred over 3000 accounts, and we've never heard of a single issue from anyone. Additionally, we have never had an issue ourselves. We trust that our (and your) information is safe with TSD Logistics. 👍🏼

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