What cameras do you use to make your videos?

Our primary camera is a Canon EOS R wth RF 24-105mm (amzn.to/2MYKdRz) with Rode Video Mic Pro Plus (VMP+) (amzn.to/2YWCaf6). We mount this on a DJI Ronin-S (gimbal) (amzn.to/2YU1YbD) whenever practical to get smooth footage.

For out and about stabilized footage, we use a DJI Osmo Pocket (amzn.to/2KsuBVh) for B-Roll and some vlogging. But the field of view is a bit narrow for vlogging, so we also bring a DJI Osmo Action (amzn.to/2GYxriE) for that.

We use the GoPro Hero7 (amzn.to/2KEJBhY) for some vlog-mode shots and as a secondary angle camera when using the Canon if the light is good. When we're walking around filming something like an RV show, the Canon / Ronin, and Osmo Pocket are what we use most.

On the motorcycle (Lucille), we use three GoPro Hero7s (amzn.to/2KEJBhY). One mounted in a Karma Grip (amzn.to/2Kr9JOc) (Tara manually filming), and two mounted in various locations using Go Pro Jaws Flex Clamps, as well as the DJI Osmo Action (amzn.to/2GYxriE) mounted directly on the handlebars.

For aerial shots, we use the DJI Mavic Pro (amzn.to/2KqpR2u) (we have version one).

For voice audio, we have two Zoom Digital Multitrack Recorders (https://amzn.to/2GV1tnF) with lavalier microphones. We've also just added this Sarmonic wireless lavalier mic kit: amzn.to/37FmI7T

All of our camera equipment is here in our Amazon store (changinglanesrv.com/amazon-camera-gear) also, including things that we don't use anymore (things we started out with) but still recommend.

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