What do you think of the Andersen Ultimate hitch?

We have never used one, so we do not have any first hand experience. That said, we have seen images online of bent Andersen hitches, and a couple of viewers have sent us pics also. Our opinion on them is that we just don't trust it in a non-optimal situation like a hard braking or some kind of accident evading maneuver.

We started out using the Andersen Jack Blocks. We don't use them anymore because we've broken NINE of them (6 we bought and 4 replacements they sent us). Simply unreliable. The bottom edge would break off and they'd sink into the gravel/dirt/ whatever. They are rated for 6K, but broke way under that load. That experience was enough for us to just not trust our entire home (RV) to their engineering.

Many people do love them and they are definitely an easy hitch to manage. It's just not for us.

Categories: Products, RV

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