What kind of Dash-Cam do you use?

We've been using the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual with the GPS Suction Cup Mount since the day we hit the road full time.

This camera records in 1080p both inside and in front of the vehicle. It records to micro SD card and creates a new file (one for inside and one for outside) every 5 minutes (configurable), deleting the oldest file as the card fills up. With a 64GB card, this equates to about 5 hours on the card, and it can accommodate a 128GB card.

We like the added peace of mind that if there is ever an accident, we have a record showing where we were, how fast we were going, and what was going on inside the cab (paying attention, etc). Note: this camera is strictly for security purposes. We have a different camera for recording for our videos. See: changinglanesrv.com/faq/?Display_FAQ=1752

Category: Truck

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