What kind of washer and dryer to you have? Do you have an install video?

Our washer and dryer are both Splendide brand. The washer is model ARWXF129W and the dryer is TVM63F.

We DO like them a lot! Sure, they're not the giant full-sized LG's we had in our sticks and bricks, but they do a very good job and it's nice to be able to do laundry in our own home. It's also nice to have them as separate units versus a combo unit. Note: the dryer is vented to the outside. We've heard a lot of bad reviews about non-vented combo units.

We did not install them. We wanted to be able to do out own laundry on day one of RV life, so we negotiated them into the price and had them installed by our dealer (LazyDays youtu.be/fN1_igB-tDQ ) prior to delivery. We also just didn't want that big of a project on day one! ?

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