What tires do you have on the RV?

We are on our second set of Westlake G rated tires. Our first set lasted over 27,000 miles and almost 3 years before our first blowout. We attribute that blowout to all of the potholes we hit that day in New York, but it's anyone's guess.

Since we were on our way to Elkhart for some work with Grand Design, we just opted for a new set of the same.

Wait… aren't Westlake tires all “China Bombs”???

The origin of the moniker โ€œchina bombโ€, as near as we can tell, came about in 2016/2017 in reference to the E rated Westlake tires having a bad run of blowouts. We're not sure if it was a bad batch of tires, or if the tires were under-rated for the application (heavy toy haulers). Regardless, the name stuck and became tied to all Westlake tires even though the G rated Westlakes have a very good track record. Grand Design started putting the G rated tires on the Momentum line in 2017.

If we had to pick a different brand, we've heard great things about Sailun and Good Year.

The bottom line is, take care of your tires, inspect them regularly, and use a good TPMS.

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