What would you recommend for basic cellular mobile internet?

First, a real quick note on using campground or RV Park Wifi, wifi boosters, etc. Don't waste your time or money. In our 2.5 years on the road thus far, we have never found wifi worth connecting to. This is why we use cellular exclusively.

Right now (July 2020), our entry-level recommendation is the Pepwave MAX BR1 MINI! At around $300, it's not much more than just a plain hotspot. Like you might have seen in our recent Internet video, hotspots are carrier locked and the wifi they generate can be inferior.

The MINI is NOT carrier locked, has much better wifi, and has an ethernet port for wired connectivity. It's Pepwave's entry-level device and it can accept SIM cards for AT&T or Verizon (and T-Mobile). In fact, it accepts TWO SIM cards at the same time, allowing you to switch back and forth at will, or set up automatic failover (fail-over can take a minute or so). Pair the Mini with an unlimited data plan and you've got a little more flexibility if you plan on using two carriers as we do, or if you might want two carriers in the future.

If you're not sure what to get, reach out to MobileMustHave (please click our link first) and they can help get you into a solution that fits your needs! ??

These are just a couple of basic options, but there are a whole lot more at Mobile Must Have! We'll be testing out some higher-end gear soon and, of course, there will be a video!

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