Why are your videos so far behind real-time? Why are they out of order?

Creating new content every week is challenging and the only way to do it is to have a backlog from which to pull. While we could be closer to real-time (3-4 weeks behind) by creating only vlog-style content and putting everything out in order, that's just not how we wanted to present our content.

We like to keep our educational videos in their own category and separate from our travel videos. That makes it easier to find the video about a specific RV topic versus trying to find it buried in a location video and means you don't have to sift through location content to try to find a helpful tip.

The result of this is that our location content gets backlogged by a few months in the summer but starts to catch up in the winter when we're not traveling to as many places. We like to take a couple of months and just visit family and not film as much. Having a backlog of content “in the can” allows us to still publish content. Our travel videos will almost always be in chronological order unless there's a good reason to mix in a more recent location. The balloon fiesta videos are a good example of this. We wanted to get that information out before registration opened for the next year.

For your convenience, we put all of our content here in categories and you can find a link to those at the bottom of the page. You can also find out Location and Educational videos linked in the content menu above.

Category: Changing Lanes

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