Why did you choose the TST TPMS system instead of getting the Ford Trailer TPMS System that would integrate into the truck’s dash?

We initially wanted to get the Ford Trailer TPMS to have everything in the dash. But the more we dug into it, the more complicated it got.

First, the sensors have to be installed into the rims (replacing the valve stems) and there was a lot of confusion about the size of the valve stems and compatibility with our wheels. Second, the system is not completely wireless with a simple repeater like the TST unit. For some reason, it requires wiring to the trailer. You can see the kit and all the wires here: accessories.ford.com/kit-tpms-sensor.html

On top of the complicated install, itโ€™s much more expensive than the TST and doesnโ€™t monitor temperature (only pressure). The bottom line is, it was more complicated and more expensive for a less capable system that canโ€™t be easily moved to a new trailer.

Categories: RV, Truck

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