Why did you upgrade from the 2000W GoPower to the 3000W GoPower Inverter?

When we originally purchased our 2000W Inverter in 2017, there was a fairly decent price jump from the 2KW to the 3KW and the 3KW did not include the remote display. Since 2KW was plenty for what we needed (TV, Computers, Coffee), we went with that.

Sometime in early 2019, our Inverter blew an internal component and needed to be replaced under warranty. When talking to support, we asked if we could pay the difference and upgrade to the 3KW. We still didn't really NEED 3KW, but the price difference had narrowed, and paying the difference now for the extra capacity seemed like a good option since it needed to be replaced anyway. As it turned out, GoPower said: “don't worry about the difference, we'll just send you the 3KW model as the replacement”. SWEET!

Currently (May 2020), the price difference is negligible even when adding the remote panel separately. So, we recommend going straight to the 3KW if there's any chance you'll want that capacity at some point.

βœ… Go Power GP-IC3000-12
βœ… Go Power GP-ICR-50 Inverter Charger Remote

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