Why do things always break at night?!? This was the case with these recent issues and it's never convenient. But, we powered through these two back-to-back issues and came out victorious once again! 😀

Water Leak! 💦

Our first nighttime issue was a leak in the basement. On further inspection, we discovered it was a crack in the check valve. Simple enough, except at night. We had to shut water off for the night and get a new part in the morning from a local RV shop.

I also replaced the plastic threaded 90 degree connections that are known to be an issue with brass. 👍🏼

Power! 🔌

Just a few nights later, in the middle of the night of course, the power goes OUT! After some troubleshooting, I determined that our power cord was bad. The power cord had come loose from the 90 adapter and water had seeped in during a couple of days of heavy rain. This caused a short, which caused heat, which made SMOKE!

At least this was a simple fix, albeit a $500 one!

More Water!

After a couple of weeks, we wanted to makes sure the insulation had dried out. So, we dropped the coroplast to take a look. Indeed, it was still VERY wet. We left the bottom down for a couple of days hoping it would dry out, but gave up on that idea when it was still soaked.

After a quick trip to Lowe's to pick up some R-13 3.5 inch single batt insulation, I cut it into strips and replaced all of it. Easy peasy!

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