When we were shopping for our RV, we were very lucky to have been living near Lazydays RV Supercenter in Seffner, FL (near Tampa)!  It’s the worlds largest RV Dealership with over 1500 RVs of every type and size on the lot!  We would go there almost every other weekend just to look around and tour hundreds of different RVs.  What we loved about Lazydays was that we were able to just go and look without bothering a sales person, because almost every RV is open.  It was great to be able to go in and spend as much time as we needed in each unit that we were interested in, and even some that we were just curious about. 

We had a goal to be living full-time in our RV by Christmas 2017, and originally had a Class A diesel coach as our target.  Since it was absolutely necessary that we bring along Lucille (our motorcycle), we our plan was to put her on a hydro-lift and have a Jeep as our “toad”.   But, after several months of research, and studying axle weights, we realized that we were going to need a rig with a tag axle to handle the load.  That type of coach was out of our budget, if we wanted to meet our goal of December 2017.  We could have waited another year or so and saved a little more, but to us, it was more important to just start living the full-time RV life!!  So, we switched gears and started looking at 5th wheel toy haulers!  Luckily, Lazydays has a huge selection of toy haulers also and after months of looking at various makes and models, we were drawn to the Grad  Design Momentum line!! 

Our salesman, Stan, was super helpful throughout the entire process and was there to answer any questions concerns that we had (we had a lot). Since no one rig met our needs completely, we special ordered our Grand Design Momentum 397th.  The timeline we were quoted by the sales team (10 weeks) was spot on (even with our full-body paint job) and we took delivery on Dec. 20, 2017!  On the day of delivery, Lazydays scheduled an appointment with one of their experts to show us everything we needed to know about our new home. He spent several hours with us and answered all of our questions. They even let us spend our first night in the RV right there in the delivery lot, so we could take our time and  see if any questions or concerns would arise.  The following day, they sent another expert out to assist us with our initial hitching, check our turning clearance and to assist in Chad’s first time towing our huge RV.  Additionally,  we took advantage of their on-site campground for a few days, so we could get moved in and settled. 

Within the Lazydays dealership, you will also find a huge accessories store with everything you might need for your new (or existing) RV, a service department that has over 240 service bays and they also have an RV Rental program. They even offer numerous free classes for the new RVer and also offer a Driver Confidence Course to get you prepared to hit the road!  If you get tired and hungry and need a break, they have 3 different restaurants on the property! 

We are so thankful to Lazydays for allowing us to film there and to our tour guide “Bama”, for showing us around the facilities. Personally, we had a very positive experience at Lazydays and hope that you like it as much as we do!!  Like Chad says, “This place is like Disneyland for RVers!” 

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