The last time we visited Zion National Park, we rode through on Lucile (our 2017 Indian Roadmaster) ONCE! The rest of our stay was inundated with rain.

So, we were super excited to get to see much more of Zion this time around. Even better this time around, Chad's daughters, Meagan and Madison, flew out to visit and join us in all of the MANY activities we had planned!

Zion National Park!

On our first full day there, we picked up the girls, grabbed some food, and drove into the park to give the girls a taste of what was in store this week. To drive our dually (dual rear wheel truck) on the driveable park of the park (Mount Carmel Highway), we had to pay an extra $15 and be handled just like a small RV. They stop traffic in the small tunnels to allow us to drive in the middle of the road. The $15 fee does cover the return trip also, but you need to be back to the tunnel by 8 PM or you'll have to go the LONG way back (outside the park). The drive served its purpose, getting the girls excited to explore over the coming week!

The next day, we headed back into the park to hike the Canyon Overlook Trail, which is just past the tunnels on the east side (another $15 pass for the dually). This hike is rated moderate but is a fairly easy hike. The views at the end of the hike are AMAZING!

Zion Helicopters!

We had been teasing a BIG secret with the girls prior to this trip and the time had come! Zion Helicopters has several tour options to chose from, and the two longest tours can include a private butte landing option. We chose the 55-mile tour (second longest) with that option and it was AMAZING! The flight and views were incredible! But, what really made the tour special was the butte landing. It even includes a bottle of champagne and time to explore the area! We definitely recommend this option if taking the 55 or 100-mile tours!

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